I attended the Webdd09 conference at Microsoft Reading on Saturday (yes, a Saturday…).

Was a really interesting group of sessions, covering the new features coming in Visual Studio 2010, ASP.NET 4 and Silverlight 3. It also covered some of the features of IIS 7, which has been out for a while now.

IIS 7 can automatically set up URL Rewriting. Sounds dull you say, but it effectively means that it’ll setup your website for Search Engine optimisation. Whats that you say… Well it’ll convert this:


to this:


without you having to change anything on your website. This is a good thing as Search Engines, such as Google (84 % of the Market share) index pages based on the URL.  This is a good thing to know as Google have stopped taking into account embedded keywords on websites (the meta tags). In fact, the only meta tag they are now taking account of is the Description one. Useful stuff to know.

If you’d like to see more of the event, including the more technical presentations, you’ll be able to view the videos and PowerPoint’s here soon: