Very excited this week, because there’s lots of fun developer stuff going on.

On Thursday, there’s DevEvening, and that’s going to be covering Git (heard of, but never used), PowerShell (used a while ago) and SharePoint 2010. Am quite keen on seeing what SharePoint 2010 has to offer, as I’m pretty sure I’ll be doing fun stuff with it at some point soon. Not to mention, I’ll be upgrading my SharePoint Certifications to it too.

I’m also going to be doing a short presentation at next months DevEvening, and talking about Telerik’s OpenAccess ORM, as part of the ORM Showdown.

Then, this coming Saturday, it’s DDD8! That’s really exciting. It’s been a long time since there was a Dev Event to attend (on this scale, DevEvening is most months… 😉 ), and it looks to have a load of interesting sessions, so I’ll need to see what I fancy attending. Probably the Entity Framework one, C#4 and @blowdart’s encryption one.

In a few months time, we’ve got DDD Scotland too, though whether I’ll get to that remains to be seen (we’ll have a 2 month old at that point…)

If you’re at any of these, then see you there!