Recently I’ve had the need to create a new website, to host various sets of media files (including pictures and videos). I’ve been wanting for a while to have a look as ASP.NET MVC, so this was a great opportunity.

I created a website ( and have uploaded it with a set of basic (basic as in, out of the box) templates.  It was an interesting experience creating a set of views to display images, and the main thing I found was  ‘Don’t over complicate things’. 

I also had to load some videos up there, and as there was going to be a fair amount of them (approx 2gb), and I didn’t really want them sitting on my hosting site (sucking bandwidth), I wanted to host them on my Amazon S3 account. Uploading them was easy with Cloudberry Explorer for S3.

Getting them to stream from Amazon was a little more complicated, but was helped by the mass of websites (Google is your friend!) that went through the issues. The main issue being the ClientAccessPolicy.xml file. Making some changes to that, then meant that I could have my video files hosted on S3, and streamed to the visitors Browser.

Thank you Internet.

Comments are welcome. Smile