I was working with a file, for a previous post, through which I had a large file to upload. I’ve used 7-Zip for a while, but this is the first time I’ve really noticed differences against a Zip file.

Below is a chart of my findings (each using the highest available compression format):

Format Size Compression ratio of Original
Original file 58,412 KB
.7z 3,173 KB 5.4%
.Zip 25,490 KB 43.6%
.bz2 21,875 KB 37.4%
.gzip 25,459 KB 43.5%
Windows Compressed Folder 27,247 KB 46.6%

As you can see, using the .7z format gives a substantial improvement in compression over any of the other formats.

I hereby highly recommend 7-zip! Winking smile

Disclaimer: Results will vary with different content! !