Something that has been sitting in the back of my mind for a while is a comment I overheard somewhere. It was:

‘Why would you want to listen to live music, when it sounds so much better
when it’s been properly produced’.

Effectively the speaker was saying they don’t like live music as it is better when it’s been cleaned up, sanitised, sterilised and mass produced.

I disagree, I prefer live music as it has more ‘feeling’ in it. For example, Green Days ‘Bullet in a Bible’ album is, I think, amazing. It’s pretty the whole concert they did in Milton Keynes bowl a few years ago. For me, it’s better as it has more input from other listeners, and it proves that the band can actually perform.

What does this have to do with development? Well, I think that my perspective on this could also appear in my work. It may affect how my career may progress, in that I prefer to get ‘down and dirty’ with a project as opposed to guide it from a high level. This would effectively mean that I’d be more likely to stay at a Developer / Consultant / DBA level, than moving to a Project Manager / Trainer role. However, if you know me, you’ll know that doing Training wouldn’t be for me, due to my significant lack of patience..

I’d appreciate any thoughts you’d have on this. Do you have similar preferences, or am I just ‘Living in a Box‘?