So that’s another one completed, Smile which is the third of the SQL 2008 TS level exams (there should be an Achievement for that – ‘SQL Nutter – SQL TS Hat Trick Unlocked!’.

I took the exam this afternoon, and it went better than I expected, though not as well as some colleagues thought! However, the revision material I used was predominantly experience based, though I did also use the MS Press Training book (available here, at Amazon) to focus in on the exam requirements.

I’ve been running through the MCM training material that SQL Skills and Microsoft have provided (, since that is my end goal!

Next up will be the 70-450 exam sometime in July, which is the first PRO level exam I’ll have done! I would do it sooner, but I’m attending the SQLSkills Immersion course in London in June, and from what I’ve heard that’ll be a little intense. Cool!

And how did I celebrate passing the exam ? With a great friend, Colonel Sanders.