We’ve been looking at some specs of laptops recently, for replacing some and came across these two sitting on Amazon.

Sony Vaio C-Series Sony Vaio E Series
http://amzn.to/pbHmQD http://amzn.to/mYmosL
£660 £509
CPU i5 2.3Ghz i3 2.1Ghz
Screen 1920×1080 Full HD 1366×768
HDD 640Gb 320Gb
Optical Bluray DVD-RW
Notes ATI Graphics Card Intel Graphics Card
USB 3 socket
Backlit keyboard

For an extra £160 you get a faster CPU, more screen space, more memory, more disk space, faster graphics card, longer life (due to USB 3, Blu Ray drive).

Yes, these are home machines, rather than business machines, but it’s still pretty good to see the comparisons.

Of course, neither of these compare (in terms of price or performance) to something like Glenn Barry’s New Dell Precision M4600 Mobile Workstation, but still.