So, I’ve been a bit slack on the technical articles front recently, and for that I apologise, work has been a bit hectic with a big project going live (read the case study here). However, now that’s done and things should return to a normal 8-6 day (yes 9-5 is normal, but really? Does anyone actually work that? – interesting article here)

At the moment, I’m continuing to do work on SQL Server and my MCM, since I have only the lab exam to do. I have started doing some work on 2012, on the grounds that I can’t keep pretending it doesn’t exist and given my role, I need to understand current products to give our customers the best advice.

I’m delighted to be off to Seattle in August to attend the second week of the SQLSkills Immersion training, and following that, I’m hoping to get the Lab exam booked for September. It gives me time to prepare myself (primarily to get into the Study frame of mind again). Excited to be going to Seattle too, though it’s a shame I couldn’t tag a week on to the end to go up to Vancouver for some time too, since I loved Vancouver when I was there 10 years(or so) ago, and would’ve loved to see how it’d changed.

Anyway, all being well, there’ll be articles on SQL coming up, as well as possible ones on Hadoop (and integration with SQL), and maybe Unit Testing with SQL Server (tSQLt) which I’ve been investigating at work.

Enjoy and look out for some interesting stuff ahead.