Thanks to everyone who posted on T-SQL Tuesday this month. Below is a summary of the posts, so have a look through if you’ve not had chance yet.

As an aside, if you’ve not watched the film yet, it’s available here (Google | AmazonUK | AmazonUS)

There were some really interesting, and terrifying posts here, so pull up a chair, grab some whiskey, turn the lights down, and have a read through.

Don’t forget to keep an eye out for the next TSQL2sDay post, in a couple of weeks time.

The Posts!

Rob FarleyWhen someone deletes a shared data source in SSRS

Thomas RushtonSQL Wildcards

Rick KruegerNightmare on TSQL Street – The Case of the Missing Cache

Matthew VelicSoylent Growth

Ted KruegerHorrify Me!

Ken WatsonSoylent Green

Chris ShawAre you kidding me ?

Thomas Rushton (Again!) – Soylent Inbox

Jason BrimhallHigh Energy Plankton

Jes BorlandSoylent Green SQL Server

Bob PusateriA Horror Story

Steve Jones (Voice of the DBA)Soylent Green

Chris Yates – Soylent Green

Jeffrey VerheulSoylent Green