Hello, my name’s Nick, and I’m now an iPhone user.

I didn’t think I’d be saying that at the beginning of the year.

It’s not really a long story, but I though it might be worth telling it anyway (particularly since I’ve not blogged for a while).

I use my phone a lot, though mainly for accessing social media (the Third Place reference…), and taking photos of my family. It’s rarely used for actually making phone calls, like a lot of phones at the moment, I imagine.

Many moons ago, I had a Nokia N95, and that was the phone I had when I started using Twitter. It was a great phone for its time and I loved using it, primarily since it had a really good Twitter app.

Then, at some point later I decided to move to a Blackberry Bold 9700. This was a good phone, and I used it for a good 2 years, and am still using it as a work phone now. During the time I had this Blackberry, I also won a Windows Phone 7 phone in an MSDN competition, and while I liked the phone and the look of the OS, it turns out that I couldn’t actually type on the keyboard. It made me feel like I have fat fingers, so I stayed using the Blackberry.

Then the new Blackberry Bold 9900 came out, which it’s bigger touchscreen, and faster processor, so I upgraded. We never really bonded in the same way as I had with the 9700 and the N95. I think the main reason was that there was no real buzz from using it, I was expecting more. I guess it was actually disappointing, even though spec-wise it was supposed to be better than the 9700.

The final straw came when my parents both moved to Android phones. They were good, better than I was expecting, but that gave me a dilemma. Should I change to an Android, or look at the iPhone?

Having looked at the iPhone, I went for that (iPhone 4S), and I have to say, I’m very, very happy.


Well, the reasons are pretty straightforward. It’s all down to usability. It doesn’t make me feel like I have fat fingers, it has a good keyboard to type on, though I do need to learn to type better on it ( I keep sending texts saying hometown instead of hometime to my wife, but shes very understanding). Also, I love the integration between the iOS devices. I have an iPad 2 which I’ve had had for a while and love that (and am typing this article on that, rather than the PC).

I am sorry to have left the Blackberry behind, but I feel I am in a better place now.

If you are debating whether to change from a Blackberry to an iPhone, I’m sure you know someone with an iPhone (or a friendly Phone Shop). Go and try it out and I’m reasonably sure you won’t be disappointed.